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How to choose a suitable manufacturer for LCD splicing screens?

As LCD splicing screens are becoming more and more popular in the market now, how do you choose a good quality and cheap LCD splicing screen produced by a suitable manufacturer? In fact, choosing a good factory to produce not only saves costs, but also guarantees Our products, so whether it is service, after-sales, etc., we can rest assured that LCD splicing screen is a large product. Buying LCD splicing screen is not a one-off transaction. It requires follow-up installation, maintenance, and after-sales services! So choose a suitable one Manufacturers, we need to comprehensively consider the selection in many aspects!

With the transparency of splicing screen technology, more and more companies on the market now produce and sell LCD splicing screens. Therefore, there are many companies with different good and bad ones on the market. These companies claim to be factories, but in fact many are just middlemen! So how do you distinguish factories? ? In fact, the easiest way is to go to the site and then look at the qualifications.

After all, LCD splicing screens are mainly composed of panels, so the quality of LCD splicing mainly depends on the panel brand. Generally, it is divided into imported Samsung, LG, Sharp and other panels, and domestically produced panels such as BOE, so you need to choose the panel according to your actual needs. Imported or domestically produced panels,

The level of service, after all, if it is only sales, or only installation and after-sales, there will be intermediate links that slow down the service.

After-sales service is very important. If the LCD splicing screen has problems during normal use, whether the problem can be solved in time is also an important choice affecting a manufacturer. If it is not, the customer will look for sales, sales for installation, and installation for after-sales. Communication problems will occur during this process. If handled improperly, many problems will be affected!