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55-inch LG Flexible Curved Splicing screen
55-inch LG Flexible Curved Splicing screen
55-inch LG Flexible Curved Splicing screen
55-inch LG Flexible Curved Splicing screen
55-inch LG Flexible Curved Splicing screen

Product Features

OLED flexible screen technology is another generation of large screen display technology after largescreen OLED liquid crystal display technology.

OLED technology has been widely used in home TV sets,smartphones and other fields, and has beenpraised for its flexibility.

In recent years, with the increasing demand of users for personalized display, the market scale of flexiblespliced large screen display is also growing.

Especially in the field of intelligent exhibition halls,OLED flexible screen splicing has been graduallyapplied.

lts features and advantagesare as follows:

1:Since the OLED flexible screen splicing screen technology adopts semiconductor and electrically drivenluminescence, its internal structure is not liquid crystal layer, so its thickness is very thin, only about 3mm,and its weightis verylight, only a little more than 2kg, which can be said to be very thin

2: The biggest difference between OLED technology and LCD technology is that its panel is soft andbendable, so it can be arbitrarily spliced into arc,circle, wave, etc.,rather than simply relying on theinstallation method to splice into arc effect like LCD.

lt can achieve arcsplicing on a single screen, which is mainly becauseit is composed of mult-layer organicmolecular film, rather than hard materials such as light guide plate.

3:OLED screen color is brighter than LCD screen, more energy saving and space saving.

Because OLED uses self-luminous technology, it doesn't require an acklight like a liquid crystal, so itdoesn'tleak light and naturally displays images more naturally and softly.



OLED flexible curved splicing screen

Panel SPEC




1920(RGB)×1080 (FHD)

Connecting Cracks



150~400 cd/m2



Response Time


Pixel Pitch

Viewing Angle89/89/89/89(Typ.)


Landscape mode (horizontal) maximum curvature 2000R portrait mode (portrait) maximum curvature 1500R

Visual Are

1209.6×680.4 mm(H×V)Single screen
Color gamut100% NTSC(CIE1931)
Light sourceSelf-luminous
l/O lnterfaceUSBUSB2.0
DisplayportThe highest resolution 1080P
HDMlCompatible with HDMI 1.4 and below signals
DVI InterfaceThe highest resolution supports 1080P
RJ45stand by


Input VoltageAc100 v~240 V,50-60Hz
Lower consumption(Watt)450W
Standby (Watt)≤1W


Working temperature


Working humidit

10%~80% RH Non-Condensing
Operation hours18 Hrs/7 Days(Only recommended to play moving images)
lnstallationWall, landing, hanging, customized according to the scene