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LCD monitor manual



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1. Safety Guide (Important Notice)!

● Before using this machine, you must read and understand all instructions for use.

● The instruction manual must be properly kept for future needs.

● The warning instructions on the operating instructions of the machine must be strictly followed.

● All instructions must be followed during operation.

● Do not use attached devices that are not recommended by the manufacturer. Unexpected malfunctions may occur if the settings are used improperly.

● Please use the power adapter provided with the color LCD monitor. Before connecting the AC power cord to the power outlet, please check whether the voltage source requirements of the TV specifications are suitable for the local power supply conditions. If you are not sure of the type of power supply, please contact Contact the dealership or local power department.

● Do not press or twist the power cord with any objects. A damaged power cord can cause electric shock or fire.

● Please do not try to repair this unit by yourself, because there are high-voltage devices and other easily damaged components in this unit, which can cause various harms to the human body or the TV itself. Please be sure to ask a professional maintenance person to repair it.

● Do not touch control parts that are not mentioned in the instruction manual. Improper adjustments to control components not mentioned in the instructions will damage the machine and increase the maintenance workload of professional and technical personnel.

● When the machine needs to replace parts, please confirm with the maintenance personnel to use the parts specified by the manufacturer or with the same performance as the original. Improper use of accessories may cause fire, electric shock, TV damage and other dangers.

● When hanging the unit on a wall or ceiling, please install it in accordance with the method recommended by the manufacturer.

● Unplug the power before cleaning the machine. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the machine. Do not use liquid cleaners or spray cleaners when cleaning.

● When not using the machine for a long time, please unplug the AC power plug or turn off the power.

● Do not place the unit on an unstable cart, stand, tripod, or table.

● Please ensure that the air around the machine is circulated, and the air vents of the machine are not covered or blocked.

● The LCD panel of this machine is made of sensitive materials. Do not hit the LCD monitor with anything. If the unit is dropped from a high place or subjected to an impact, the LCD panel may break. In this case, stop using the machine immediately.

● Do not place the machine in direct sunlight or near heat sources, such as radiators, heating equipment, stoves and other heat-generating objects.

● The time interval of each switch is not less than 3 seconds.