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Nainuo LCD splicing screen control software, please download here!



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Nainuo LCD splicing screen control software is an integrated application management system specially developed for large-screen display systems. Its main function is to provide users with a highly integrated management platform for large-screen display systems, covering all controllable devices of the large-screen system. : Multi-screen splicing controllers, matrix hosts, etc., integrate matrix hosts of different manufacturers and models into a unified management platform, eliminating the need for users to frequently switch control between various management software of different manufacturers, and realize display splicing Signal call, control and management of various application windows on the wall, control of multi-screen splicing controllers and control and management of matrix, centralized control equipment and other related peripheral equipment; realize video, VGA, DVI, HDMI switching and various A combination of signal source plans. The operation interface is friendly and simple, and it is convenient and quick to use.


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click to download: LCD splicing screen control software package (Including the following large-screen control software)Extraction code: imys

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click to download:USB-232drive驱              Extraction code: pfgw

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