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Sichuan Guangyuan Group Station Security Monitoring LCD Large Screen


As an important place for the general public to travel in their daily life, the station has a dense flow of people and the mobility of the masses. The safety management in the station plays a very important role in ensuring the personal safety of the public and the stability of social order. Therefore, in order to further improve the safety management level of the station and make the station more standardized according to the safety management, Sichuan Guangyuan Group specially introduced a set of 55-inch LCD splicing screens as the large security monitoring screen of its stations. The large-screen monitor display system is composed of 15 55-inch LCD splicing screens, using 3 rows and 5 columns of unit splicing, and the entire large screen display range is very wide.

System Features

The 55-inch Samsung LCD splicing screen uses Samsung’s unique DID LCD screen, with a single screen resolution of up to 1920x1080, narrow seam 5.5mm, and LED backlight technology display, 3500:1 high contrast, clear images, The display screen is very in line with the needs of the project monitoring large-screen high-definition display.

Project Name: Sichuan Guangyuan Group Station Monitoring Large Screen

1. Model: 55-inch Samsung DID LCD splicing screen NZ55018-S1 (718 motherboard)

2. Quantity 15 pieces, 3×5 unit splicing

3. Installation method: cabinet type

4. Use VGA signal to play


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