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Heilongjiang Harbin Railway Administration Vehicle Management Center Video Conference LCD Splicing


Nainuo Technology has built a large LCD splicing video conference display system composed of 9 46-inch LCD splicing screens using 3×3 unit splicing mode for the Management Center of the Cars Department of Heilongjiang Harbin Railway Bureau. The 46-inch LCD splicing unit adopts Samsung DID LCD panel, which has a complete picture display of 5.5mm narrow-side double-sided stitching, and has the characteristics of high brightness and high definition. The application of this set of 3 rows and 3 columns LCD splicing conference display system has brought a brand new development model and powerful application performance to the railway bureau’s conference management, which can improve the intelligent functions of the conference room, and open windows, split screens, and overlays at will And other functions can more easily manage meeting content and display meeting information. The following is a brief introduction of the project:

1. Project name: Conference display on the big screen of the Management Center of the Vehicle Department of Harbin Railway

2. Model: Nainuo 46-inch LCD splicing screen, double-sided seam 5.5MM

3. Quantity: 9 sets, 3*3 unit splicing

4. Installation: wall-mounted

5. Use HDMI signal to play

6. Project topology diagram


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