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Hubei Wuhan Yinggu Electronics 3×3 LCD splicing monitor display large screen wall project


Hubei Wuhan Yinggu electronic surveillance display large screen wall is composed of 9 46-inch LCD splicing screens provided by Nainuo Technology, using 3×3 LCD splicing units, incorporating innovative technologies such as digital array high-speed image processing, with high image quality and variety The customized image splicing display, the display image has beautiful colors, better reproducibility, and outstanding layering, which can fully meet the company's monitoring and display needs. The following is a brief introduction of the project:

1. Project Name: Hubei Wuhan Yinggu Electronic LCD Splicing Monitor Display

2. Product model: 46-inch LCD splicing screen

3. Number of 9 units, composed of 3×3 LCD splicing units

4. Installation method: cabinet type

5. Use HDMI signal to play

6. Project topology diagram


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