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High-definition display mosaic wall for office meetings of a company in Jinhua


Two sets of 46-inch LCD splicing screen TV walls installed by Nino Technology for Jinhua Qihang Information Technology Co., Ltd. have been officially put into use. The full HD LCD splicing wall uses a 46-inch Samsung LCD splicing screen from Nairobi, with 1920x1080 HD resolution and the advantages of narrow 3.5mm stitching, and the display image is clear and beautiful. The full HD LCD splicing wall can realize the variable large screen function according to the different needs of users: single screen split display, single screen single display, vertical screen display, arbitrary combination display and other display modes, free Controllable. At the same time, the large-screen system supports digital signal roaming, zooming and stretching, multi-screen display, the setting and operation of various display plans, and real-time processing of full HD signals, which can meet the company's needs for flexible presentation of conference content to the greatest extent. The following is a brief introduction of the project:

1. Project name: Jinhua Qihang Office Conference Splicing Wall Construction Project

2. Model: 46-inch Samsung LCD splicing screen

3. The quantity is 28 pieces, 2×2, 3×8 unit splicing

4. Installation method: wall-mounted, floor-standing

5. Use HDMI signal to play


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