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Luohu Library Multimedia Smart Wall Project Construction


The inheritance of knowledge and the reproduction of culture are merits that will benefit all generations. Therefore, Ninotech is also focusing on the construction of the city’s library. After careful listening to the needs of the Guangzhou Tuchuang Wisdom Wall project, it was designed for the Luohu Library. Two sets of LCD splicing display systems are used, respectively 3X8, 3X4, and 1X4 are spliced together. The LCD splicing facilitates the clear and convenient display of front-end monitoring data. According to the characteristics of large LCD splicing screens, monitoring data can be displayed on the large screen in multiple display modes such as full screen, single screen, multi-screen, group screen, and roaming display, which promotes the management of books and documents in the library area.

This set of large screens uses Nanotech 46-inch LCD splicing screen. This set of LCD splicing walls uses ultra-narrow sides as the basic display unit. The body is thin and easy to install, and it can also save installation and use space. Ninotech's LCD splicing, 8ms extremely fast response time, fully guarantees the consistent switching between the splicing screens, and ensures the orderly progress of book management. This group of LCD splicing screens uses industrial-grade LED backlights, and high-quality raw materials bring high contrast and brightness. The large LCD screen of Ninotech has a contrast ratio of up to 3500:1 and a brightness of up to 500cd/㎡, which fully guarantees the display of the screen. Quality and picture clarity.

Project Name: Luohu Library Multimedia Smart Wall Project Construction

1. Project model: 46-inch LCD splicing screen, 3.5mm

2. Splicing method: 3X8, 3X4, 1X4, the quantity is 40 pieces

3. Installation method: cabinet type

4. Signal type: use HDMI signal to play

5. Project topology diagram


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