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The LCD splicing exhibition display system of Zhongshan Vanke's real estate, the application effect


In order to adapt to market changes and increase publicity, it is planned to install several sets of high-quality LCD splicing exhibition display systems in the sales center lobby. Seamless LCD splicing screen real estate industry large-screen application effect. The large screen formed by the seamless LCD splicing screen makes it easier for customers to understand the consultation of the real estate. Detailed introduction and professional explanation of the real estate are indispensable, allowing users to fully understand the real estate-related situation. The seamless LCD splicing screen can dynamically display the floor layout, community greening, sample room, decoration effect and surrounding environment of real estate projects to users, realizing simulation, allowing users to freely adjust any position, observation angle, etc., so that users can personally Immersive. It breaks the limitations of traditional media plane display and gives users a brand new visual experience.

The large screen formed by the seamless LCD splicing screen can support 7×24 hours of continuous uninterrupted operation, and can play the audio and video of massive signals infinitely for a long time or in turns, which provides unlimited imagination and imagination for advertising and major video display. Create space to give users an enjoyment and ultimate visual experience, thereby bringing users a deep impression.


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