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Conference LCD splicing TV wall display project of Taizhou Branch of China CITIC Bank, Jiangsu


China CITIC Bank Taizhou Branch chose a set of LCD splicing large-screen TV wall display system from Nainuo Technology as its large conference display screen. The project adopts a 3-row 3-column splicing method, a unique wall-mounted system, and the wall is beautifully inlaid with high-end installations. Maintenance is more convenient. The 46-inch LCD splicing screen has the advantage of 3.9mm narrow seams, which fully meets the requirements of the ultra-high-definition and completeness of the relevant data display in the conference room display system of the Taizhou branch of China CITIC Bank. The following is a brief introduction of the project:

1. Project name: LCD splicing screen project in meeting room of Taizhou branch of Jiangsu CITIC Bank

2. Product model: ultra-narrow 46-inch LCD splicing screen, 3.9MM stitching

3. Splicing method: 3 rows and 3 columns, 9 pieces in number

4. Installation method: floor-standing

5. Use HDMI signal to play


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