Committed to the research and application of OLED display


Along the way,setbacks and sucess peers.Since the estabishment ofNainuo forten years,we havecome through the road of stugge, with burning passon, hard-workingsweat and innovatve wisdom. Nainuohas now developed into an R&D,producion and sales company and has been awarded thete of“MNationl High-techEnterprise”.

We pursue, so we are persistent.The leaders of will start a new career with their tireless sprt of innovation.Facng the glory of the sun, we are on the road ofadvancement with the coporate sirt of“The road ahead is ong and has no ending y et high and lowlwil search with my wil unbending. ' .We take a long-temperspecive and abide by the core values of“integrity,innovation,responstility, and vaue”and create the harmonious exteral environment and the stict coporateenvironment for internal control provide an inexhaustible positive energy for the company's advancement.

The era is advancing,the market is changing, and companies are develping.crasping the trend of development and the beat of the times, we implement theenterprise development philosophyof“One ndustry as the mainstay, diverslied operaton, and strong technolog)',keeping pace withthe times,leadingthe ctting-edge of the industry, making our company stronger and stronger, and urging the company to have high quality and continuous development.

We aways have gratitude. t is becauseof the support nd care of frinds from l waks of lrethat we have today's achievements. The steps we have taken havebecome more stable and more powerul.l hereby express my sincere gratiude to all riends for their suport and friendly cooperation and sincerely hope that alfriends will continue to support us to build a great future together.

We are eager to cooperate and win together, to create a compettive and infuential trand,help each other, and seekcommon development.Plesse be assured thatNainuo is not only a preferred partner, but also your most reliable friend forever!